History of Seating Innovations

The Suspended Chair

In 1956, Carling Allen was asked by his wife Carma, “Can’t you do something to do away with the nuisance of chairs?” Chairs that mar and scratch the floor … chairs that are easily tipped over … chairs that are always cluttered and seldom left in place. Faced with this unique request, Carling set out to design, patent and build the first table with a suspended chair. The prototype featured only 4 legs instead of the common 36 legs to support the table and the chairs.


As word spread of the “Uni-dine Table,” a fledgling business was born to serve the local demand. As the years have passed, new features were added, upgraded and patented. Suspended seats were developed for snack bar stools, built-in telephone and computer desks and vanities. Suspended seating is performing better than ever in residential homes, restaurants, lunch rooms and conference rooms.