“I wanted express my sincere thanks for your help on our seats.  We purchased a home last year that utilizes your seating innovations.  Believe or not, the sheer genius of the seating arrangements was one of the reasons we fell in love with our kitchen.  The convenience, ease of use and how the seats return to their original position are all crafted so well.  We use the space, at least, three times every day – breakfast, homework and dinner.  The space can also be used for entertaining.  Just a great concept and wanted you to know how much we enjoy your product!”

Johnny Garrett


“The best built frame and mechanism. That is why we use Seating Innovations seats. Seating Innovations takes pride in their customer service, a characteristic we truly value.”

Ted McCoy

M&M Woods

“The quality of Seating Innovations is unbeatable. The return system is better than anything on the market. The seats are user friendly and have the most flexibility of all the seating systems.”

Rick Taylor

RT Custom Cabinetry


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