Suspended Bar Stools


Seating Innovations’ Suspended Bar Stools do not require modification to the countertop.  The seating system is freestanding and mounts directly to the floor.  The cantilever frame system is typically concealed behind the finish panel and underneath the footrest, thus giving the illusion of chairs hanging from the countertop.

Our suspended bar stool systems are used in kitchens, outdoor eating, cabins, restaurants, classrooms, offices, houseboats, motorhomes, medical offices, libraries, and lunch rooms.

suspended bar stools system

Continuous Performance

Our chair return design utilizes a concealed spring that is torqued to return the chair to its resting position and gives the occupant complete control of the chair’s position.

Weight Capacity

We use heavy-duty steel components that will hold 320lbs per chair mounted on wood floors, and 500lbs per chair when mounted on concrete floors.

More Flexible

Our telescoping head assembly adapts to different sizes of counter overhangs. Set screws on the suspension arm and seat plate stop collars permit on-site adjustment for chair alignment to the customer’s preference.

More Durable

Baked-on powder coat enamel gives our suspension arms and covers their brilliant durable finish.

Prevents Damage

Our seat stop collars prevent the chair from colliding with the countertop, thus protecting the chair’s finish and extending the life of the chair.  The seat plate rotates on oil-impregnated bushings for smooth and consistent movement.

More Secure

Our head assembly covers are flexed into position to protect the suspension mechanism and stay securely in place.

Fulcrum Advantage

The cantilever foot accommodates single or double seating systems and is designed to reduce the inherent flex in the floor and provide added strength and stability.

Easier Installation

Carriage bolts allow the installer to level-adjust the height of the frame without the use of shims.