Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common frequently asked questions about Suspended Seating.

Frequently Asked Questions
How many chairs can I fit on a kitchen island or snack bar?

Seating Innovations recommends spacing of 27 inches per chair. Most chair styles will require a minimum of 24 inches per chair. Some chairs have a wider seat and require customized systems that need more than 27 inches per chair.
When the snack bar is next to a wall, Seating Innovations recommends 30 inches for the chair next to the wall to allow adequate access to the chair.
Before finalizing your design, please check with us on the spacing necessary for your chair style selection.

Is the installation a do-it-yourself project or is professional installation required?

Installation is straight-forward with some basic understanding, tools and know-how. Please refer to the Design/Installation Guide for specifics. A flooring contractor is typically used to cover a boxed in footrest. Please call us with any questions or design assistance.

Is the suspended seating system flush with the underside of the counter-top?

Yes, the suspended seating frame should be raised (using the carriage bolts) so the top of the frame is flush with the top of the cabinet or underside of the counter-top. This will ensure that the chairs will be the proper distance from the footrest and counter-top for convenience and comfort.
If the counter-top is designed with a bull-nose feature, the suspended seating frame should be lowered enough to clear the drop of the bull-nose. Please use care to not drop the frame too far, thus compromising the positioning of the chair height.

Does the countertop or cabinet need to be reinforced for suspended seating?

Seating Innovation’s snack bars seats do not require modification to the cabinet or counter-top. The suspended seating system is freestanding and mounts directly to the floor. The seating system’s cantilever frame is typically concealed behind the finish panel and underneath the footrest, thus giving the illusion of chairs hanging from the counter-top.

What is the minimum counter-top overhang for suspended seating?

The counter-top overhang should be a minimum of 12 inches from the counter-top edge to the finish panel on the cabinet. Seating Innovations recommends an overhang of 15 inches for the best comfort and ease of accessing the chairs. The suspended seating system can accommodate a maximum counter-top overhang of 18 inches.

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