Determine the quantity of chairs based on the careful measurements of your project.

Design Layout Tips:

Carefully measuring of project will help with the following layout tips.

Installation is straight forward.  The chairs are mounted to steel systems that are freestanding and mounted directly to the floor.

To conceal the cantilever frame requires 3 1/2 to 4″ of dead space between the cabinet box and finish panel.  The cantilever frames can also be placed in the dead space between angled cabinet boxes.  The dead space is not required when the cantilever is exposed in front of the finish panel.  Exposing the frame works well on retrofit applications.

Extend End Panels:  Make sure the end panel is extended to cover the dead space wall and meet the finish panel.

Extend Countertop Overhang:  The counter/table top should be extended to provide 15″ overhang if possible (12″ minimum).  This enhances comfort and minimizes knees being pressed up into the finish panel.

Chair Spacing:  Spacing between chairs can make a difference in ease of access and the performance of the seating.  For most chair styles, each chair should have 27″ of spacing (24″ minimum).

If your design varies from these recommendations, please let us know so we can discuss the options with you.