Installation Guide Tips:

Spacing is the key – Spacing between chairs and the length of the countertop overhang can make the difference in terms of comfort and ease of access.  We recommend 28” spacing for our chairs (minimum 25”).  The counter top overhang should be 15” (minimum 12”).

Adjust Frame to Top Edge of Cabinet – Level the cantilever frames using the 5 carriage bolts.  The cantilever frame can be raised up approximately 1″ to position the top of the frame with the top edge of the cabinet. (Caution: Make sure there is enough clearance between the top of the cantilever frame and the bottom of the countertop to insert the head assembly into the frame.)

Concrete or wood subfloor? – Make sure you order the correct fastener when installing suspended seating.  Lag screws are used for wood subfloor installations while anchors are used for concrete subfloor installations.  Construction adhesive is also used for inverted frame installations.

Watch how to install Seating