Why Choose Seating Innovations?

What Our Customers are Saying:

We recently had Seating Innovation’s product installed in our newly renovated kitchen. The suspended seating has made a huge difference in the way our family lives.

The kids can eat breakfast while I pack their lunches across the counter. In the afternoons, I can help the kids with their homework as I prep dinner on the other side. The chairs don’t tip back (a concern for our little guy), don’t scrape the floor, tuck themselves in, and are easy to clean beneath. We thought the chairs would “pull” a person seated in towards the counter, but no they don’t– super comfortable. We also like that the chairs, when not in use, rest tucked in towards the counter. We’re still able to use the island like a two-sided buffet for really big crowds. And speaking of big crowds, we’ve had heavy guests sit as comfortably in the chairs as our 35 pound preschooler.

We are thrilled with the functionality and the look of the Berkin Padded seats in our Transitional style kitchen.

Catherine G


I wanted express my sincere thanks for your help on our seats.  We purchased a home last year that utilizes your seating innovations.  Believe or not, the sheer genius of the seating arrangements was one of the reasons we fell in love with our kitchen.  The convenience, ease of use and how the seats return to their original position are all crafted so well.  We use the space, at least, three times every day – breakfast, homework and dinner.  The space can also be used for entertaining.  Just a great concept and wanted you to know how much we enjoy your product!

Johnny Garrett

“Seating Innovation’s seats are easy to install. The seats don’t drift away from the counter-top while you’re sitting. Its the only suspended seating system that we will sell.”
Glen Kelsch

Majestic Cabinets

Here’s what a few of our dealers say:

“I have installed all the suspended seating products. Seating Innovation’s seating is the one that I would put in my kitchen.”
Bret Dustan

Cabinet Masters

“Structurally and functionally … simply superior.”
Frank Wilde

Wildewood Cabinets

“We don’t have to worry about repair calls or maintenance problems. Its the best seating in the business.”
Mark Atkin

R&M Woods

“The best built frame and mechanism. That is why we use Seating Innovations seats. Seating Innovations takes pride in their customer service, a characteristic we truly value.”
Ted McCoy

M&M Woods

“We like the reliability of the system. Their springs don’t stretch or break and the chairs stop before they hit the counter-top. Only buy it once… its an investment for a lifetime.”
Mike Hone

Barlow's Wood Classics

“The quality of Seating Innovations is unbeatable. The return system is better than anything on the market. The seats are user friendly and have the most flexibility of all the seating systems.”
Rick Taylor

RT Custom Cabinetry

stacks-image-0EEC497SUSPEND YOUR DISBELIEF… “There’s one single furniture adjustment that will save you more time than any other — suspending your chairs and bar stools. This has to be planned ahead of time, but many types are readily available. They are most common and look better for bars and counters.

“Suspending will eliminate a lot of surfaces to be cleaned (the legs themselves) and clear out that forest of things on the floor that catch falling dirt and have to be swept around. They can’t be used for unsafe and potentially damaging purposes like serving as a stepladder or a door-stop. But best of all, no one can move them from where they are supposed to be.”

Taken by permission from “Make Your House Do The Housework” by Don Aslett – America’s #1 cleaning expert and Laura Aslett Simons, Copyright 1995. For a copy of Don’s book, call (888)748-3535.